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I welcome feedback, in all forms, either positive or negative. This is, quite rightly, part of high quality modern, professional, medical practice. Feedback provides valuable opportunities for learning and to improve the quality and trust in the service that we provide to all clients as occupational physicians.

Although complaints are thankfully a very infrequent occurrence, it is vital that patients and clients can be confident that I will listen, take their concerns seriously, and learn how I can improve further upon the high standards that I always work hard to maintain, if this is ever necessary. I will initially respond to all comments, whether positive or negative, within 24 hours.

Regarding complaints, after investigating the matter, I will provide a detailed response within 14 days, if not considerably sooner than this. If the complainant is not satisfied with my response, I will ensure that their complaint is investigated by an independent clinician, after ensuring that I have consent from the complainant beforehand.


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