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Areas of Practice


sickness absence management

Sickness absence is a major cost for businesses. Dr Lennox understands the reasons for sickness absence and knows what the potential solutions to this problem are. He has worked as a GP in the past for 18 years, so knows how GPs may interpret and manage the issue of fitness for work. With over 20 years of experience as an Occupational Physician as well, he will not sit on the fence, but will give employers an accurate, evidence-based, robust opinion, which will stand up to scrutiny in any situation.

musculoskeletal referrals

Musculoskeletal problems are one of the most common causes of absence from work. Dr Lennox has managed thousands of such cases over the years, both as a GP and Occupational Physician. He can give employers invaluable advice to assist with risk assessment and management of cases in the workplace. Where required, he has access to a network of physiotherapists & osteopaths/chiropractors, who also have a work-focused approach.

Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) medicals

Dr Lennox is accredited by OGUK to undertake offshore medicals. The medical will include a "fit to train" EBS assessment to ascertain the worker's fitness to use PSTASS breathing equipment at no extra charge.

HSE appointed doctor (lead, asbestos, ionising radiation)

Dr Lennox has maintains a professional connection to the HSE as an appointed doctor for lead, asbestos (licensed workers) and ionising radiation. He can also undertake medicals for non-licensed asbestos workers if you should require.

health surveillance

Health surveillance is essential in many businesses and industries. Dr Lennox has an extensive knowledge of how work can affect health, and how to prevent this. He studied at Manchester University for 2 years, gaining an Advanced Diploma in Occupational Medicine. He has close connections with a network of occupational health advisers, most of whom are also qualified nurses, so is able to support employers with this requirement on a wider scale as well. He regularly undertakes the following at his clinic: audiometry (hearing tests), spirometry (lung function tests), visual acuity assessment, ECGs, Chester Step Tests, drug & alcohol chain of custody tests, hand arm vibration (HAVS) Tier 4 assessments.

ill health retirement

Dr Lennox is an accredited Occupational Physician for the Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside Pension Funds. Where an employee is unfit to return to their substantive work role up to or beyond their anticipated date of retirement (and any feasible adjustments/restrictions have not helped sufficiently), he will confirm this. He will ensure that he has sufficient evidence to hand, before arriving at his professional opinion. If a medical report is required from the treating GP/specialist, he will ask your permission before requesting this, will explain the likely cost, and will pro-actively manage the process of obtaining this.

hand arm vibration syndrome

Dr Lennox has been undertaking clinical assessments for hand arm vibration syndrome for 20 years. He is accredited by The Faculty of Occupational Medicine to undertake Tier 4 assessments. He can also assist employers on a wider scale with ensuring compliance with The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations.


management referrals

Dr Lennox is happy to see employees for any reason, where managers may be concerned about an employee's fitness for work. He has over 20 years of experience in medical report writing, and understands the importance of the correct wording of reports to support the employer's needs. He understands the complexities of employment law, and the importance of legislation such as The Equality Act 2010. Where he provides an opinion, this will always be backed up with robust evidence to support the opinion, to assist the employer. He is also always mindful of his ethical and professional obligations towards the patient, including the importance of informed consent and confidentiality.

mental health referrals

Mental health is one of the most common reasons for absence from work nowadays. Dr Lennox has a particular interest in mental health issues in the workplace. He has managed many thousands of cases both as a GP for 18 years and as an Occupational Physician for 20 years. He understands the importance of work to good mental health. He will provide you with a robust and evidence-based opinion on an employee's fitness to attend a meeting/investigation/hearing, and will follow professional guidelines during this process. He also has close links with mental health counsellors, to facilitate fitness for work, and can advise employers on suitable interventions to encourage good mental health in the workplace.